Mandatory, Discretionary and Automatic Lifer Panels

As with IPPs,  following their tariff expiry date (“the minimum term”) life sentence prisoners will be entitled to a review of their continued detention by the Parole Board. This takes two forms:

  • Member Case Assessment (“MCA”) – this is a paper review by the Parole Board who will consider the prisoner’s case and whether the case demands an oral hearing; and
  • Oral Hearing Cases – where the prisoner requests for an oral hearing before a Panel of the Parole Board, where the Parole Board agrees that an oral hearing is needed.

The Carringtons Prison Law Team can assist in both aspects. Where a prisoner is undergoing an MCA review, a specialist Prison Law lawyer can help with advice and assistance and the drafting of written representations to the Parole Board. If the case proceeds to an oral hearing, that Advisor is also able to represent the prisoner before the Parole Board when the case is heard.