The Carringtons Prison Law team was established in the 1990’s and are experienced in all aspects of Prison Law.

We are a respected Practice proud to boast the achievement of impressive peer review standards by the Legal Aid Agency and attainment of Lexcel quality standards.

In the event of non-eligibility for public funding through Legal Aid, we will also consider instruction in line with private funding arrangements. Our Practice is recognised as the largest provider of Prison Law publicly funded work. Our dedicated team of experts represent prison inmates throughout England and Wales in all issues of Prison Law, including:

  • Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection
  • Mandatory, Discretionary and Automatic Lifer Panels
  • Determinate
  • Parole Reviews
  • Recall to Prison
  • Adjudications, both Governor and Independent
  • Categorisation Issues
  • Risk Assessment and Sentence Planning and Progression issues
  • Access to Treatment
  • Healthcare Issues
  • Sentence Calculation

We understand the problems that can be faced by those incarcerated and advise promptly and clearly, attending many of our Clients in person at their holding establishment. A proportion of our Clients are vulnerable perhaps with mental health difficulties.

Our dedicated Criminal Defence Team has a wealth of experience and our qualified lawyers can represent you at each stage of the Criminal proceedings process.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – just call us on 0115 986 0983. We can represent you in relation to any Criminal offence that you are accused of.

Police Station: Advice and Assistance at the Police Station is free of charge to all – no matter how much you earn. We at Carringtons firmly believe that legal advice at the Police Station is of paramount importance and often makes the difference between whether you get charged or not.

Never be afraid to ask for Carringtons to come and represent you – no matter what the time; or even if you have already been interviewed and have to go back to the Police Station on bail.

Magistrates’ Court: If you have been charged by the Police with a criminal offence, then we can represent you when your case goes to Court. We represent a large number of clients free of charge under the Legal Aid Scheme.

Contact our Criminal Department and we will be able to make an application for Legal Aid on your behalf, which if granted will mean that you will not have to pay for us to represent you at Court. If you are not granted Legal Aid, then we can still represent you on a private paying basis. Our solicitors will discuss this with you if appropriate. We offer fixed fee deals so that you know exactly how much you will be paying. What’s more if you are found not guilty and have paid us privately, you may be entitled to have some of our fees paid for you.

Crown Court: If your case is transferred to the Crown Court for trial or sentence, then we have qualified Higher Rights Advocates within Carringtons who can represent you. This ensures that there is continuity to your representation which is something we are very keen on. We also have good relationships with local Barristers should you wish to be represented by someone in particular.

Road Traffic Law: We, here at Carringtons, pride ourselves in being genuine experts in Road Traffic law and have secured fantastic results for our clients at the Magistrates’ Court. We have often successfully ensured that our clients have kept their driving licence when the Court were considering a disqualification.

Contact us with any driving offences you have been accused of whether that be speeding, careless driving, using a mobile phone or driving without insurance.

With any case of a Criminal or Road Traffic nature, we provide a FREE half hour advice session.

Call us on 0115 986 0983 to arrange an appointment.