Adjudications, both Governor and Independent

Governor Adjudications:

We can prepare written representations that the Governor will have to take into account and we can assist in challenging any negative decision following an adjudication. For Governor’s adjudications we are not permitted to represent in person unless our client meets the Tarrant criteria. This is something that we can assist  with and we will be able to tell you whether this is something that is likely to be granted. Contact us now for free initial advice.

Independent Adjudications:

For adjudications before an Independent Adjudicator (District Judge) you will be entitled to Oral representation. Carringtons Solicitors have an excellent team of experienced and trained advocates who are committed to getting the best possible result.

If subject to an Independent Adjudication, clients could face additional days on their sentence. However, both Governors and Independent Adjudications can negatively impact on applications for release on HDC, re-release following recall, re-categorisation and Parole Board hearings.

We here at Carringtons, are only too aware of how important proper representation in these matters is, and will fight to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, providing immediate legal advice, assistance and representation during legal proceedings, ensuring the best interests of our clients.