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Judicial Review

Judicial Review

Judicial Review (“JR”) is a way of challenging the decision of a public body such as the Parole Board, the Prison Service, or the Secretary of State. The challenge is made before the High Court and is considered by a High Court Judge. If the challenge is successful the High Court Judge gives a ruling to the decision maker that they should re-think their decision, or give directions as to how the decision making process should be improved.

The test for Judicial Review is exceptionally high. In order to mount a challenge of a decision it must be shown that the decision was

  • Unlawful; or
  • Procedurally flawed; or
  • Irrational (for example, the decision maker has made a decision which involved taking into consideration irrelevant material or evidence)

If you feel that you have been adversely affected by a decision of the Parole Board or any other public body, and feel that the decision may be unlawful, unreasonable or irrational, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Carringtons Prison Law Team who will be happy to look into your concern, and provide you with advice as to whether they think you could challenge that decision by way of Judicial Review.